Need to ship something right now?

Dotodo - The urban delivery app

Dotodo - The urban delivery app

Dotodo - The urban delivery app


We offer a fresh approach to getting things shipped and delivered.
Need a guy with a car, scooter, bike or two feet? Pick your messenger. Choose your rate.


Whether you're a retailer, a restaurant or just someone too busy to schlep
things around town, Dotodo will be your best friend.
Downsize your fleet and your messengers today. Switch to Dotodo.


Goodbye same day courier service. Hello Dotodo.
Choose the best, fastest, cheapest courier and watch your cargo jet across town on your screen.

Ship by Dotodo

Your life will never be the same again. Save money and get things shipped or picked up faster. Experience the magic of Dotodo from the palm of your hand.

Ship by dotodo - Step 1

Step 1

Download app. Register. Select a pick up location and a drop off location.

Ship by dotodo - Step 2

Step 2

Take a picture of your package and. Post it for bidding.

Ship by dotodo - Step 3

Step 3

Choose the fastest, cheapest and most experienced delivery person.

Ship by dotodo - Step 4

Step 4

Watch your messenger come and pick up your shipment.

Ship by dotodo - Step 5

Step 5

See the package get delivered.

Become a Dotodo Messenger

Earn extra income or launch a new career. Be your own boss. Monetize your bike, motorcycle or car by delivering packages. Register and get started today.

Be a messenger - Step 1

Step 1

Dowload app. Register with your Facebook account. We want to make sure you're real.

Be a messenger - Step 2

Step 2

We'll check that you have a clean criminal record and process your application.

Be a messenger - Step 3

Step 3

In 1-4 days we'll approve your application and you can start bidding.

Be a messenger - Step 4

Step 4

Available jobs will show up on your cell phone. Choose the jobs you like and set your own rates.

Be a messenger - Step 5

Step 5

Pick up your packages and deliver them. Keep your eyes on the road and drive friendly.

Dotodo - Open for business